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Got any secrets for us?

Hey, Little Ones~

The confession-desu is open! Come and confess anything and whenever you want~ I’ll be waiting~  


-Admin Hayoungie

Anonymous sent:
i feel like i don't belong here~

Why do you feel like that? You can come to me if you feel lonely. My askbox is always open! I know I’m not the best admin but I’ll try my best to make you feel like you belong here. You do belong here! Never think that again. I’m here for you. If you’re talking about desu rp, I know we don’t have a lot of idols like other directories but we’ll try our best to make our directory happy as always. We don’t want it to be like before. So cheer up! Come to me when you need me,kay?

-Admin Hayoung

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Anonymous sent:
Baekhunny's unkawaii theeme is bugging da kawaii outta mi.
byunbaekhyun-desu-deactivated20 sent:
I miss Chanyeol ╯ε ╰
byunbaekhyun-desu-deactivated20 sent:
I think my theme is the best tbqh ~^O^~

omg where did you get it?!!1

byunbaekhyun-desu-deactivated20 sent: